Bond Originators

What we do And How to Benefit from using a bond originator

What is a Bond Originator?
A bond origination company is one that assists you in securing the finance necessary to purchase a property.

They take the legwork out of applying for a home loan at the various banks, by simultaneously submitting a paperless application to each lender (ABSA, NEDBANK, STANDARD BANK, FNB) including SA Home Loans and Investec.

In the past, if you wanted to secure a home loan you would have to visit each of the major banks and complete multiple application forms. This process could easily take over a month to complete, costing you many Saturdays spent standing in banking queues.

Bond Originators were established to speed up the process of applying for a home loan and cut down the costs of time and money spent in trying to secure the necessary funds. A process that would previously involve multiple trips to the various banks.

By using a bond origination company, you can avoid all this stress. Your mortgage consultant, having complete knowledge of the homeloan products available at all the banks, is able to offer you sound and independent advice.

She will quickly assess how much you qualify for and which bank is most likely to offer you the best deal overall.

Which Banks Do We Use?
Your application will be submitted to all the major mortgage lenders in South Africa.

  1. ABSA Home Loans
  2. FNB Home Loans
  3. Standard Bank Home Loans
  4. Nedbank Home Loans
  5. SA Home Loans
  6. Investec

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Our Service is 100% Free!
    The first point to note is that our service is completely free to you. We are paid directly by the banks, so there are no extra costs involved in using our services.
  2. Much Quicker Approvals
    Your application is processed much quicker, and you’ll receive your approval a lot faster because your application is submitted to all the banks. At the same time. Via an electronic system. All this means that your application is more accurately assessed and thereby yielding a result that best suits your current needs.
  3. Reduced Attorney Fees
    We’ve arranged a significant discount of at least 50% for your attorney fees. We are able to do this because of the number of applications we process using the attorneys, Lindsay u0026amp; Waters.
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How Do I Apply Then?
Simply click the link below and complete the short online application.
One of our consultants will contact you once you’ve submitted your application.

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