Pre-Qualified Home Loans

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It’s a big disappointment to end up loosing a house because you’ve failed to secure the finance in time. Most buyers begin their search for a new home by hunting through their local newspapers, or by approaching a real estate agent. But, searching of houses for sale should only begin after you’ve calculated how much you’re willing to spend and whether you’re able to qualify for a home loan of that amount.

Pre-Qualified Home Loan Certificates protects new home owners from the disappointment of losing out on their dream home because they can’t afford the mortgage.

The advantage of getting yourself pre-qualified is that you’ll be able to narrow your property search to homes that fall within your budget as determined by the mortgage which you’ve already been pre-approved for. This limits you from being tempted to over extend your finances in an attempt to buy a home which is slightly out of your budget.

Saul Geffen, of Mortgage SA explains, “The certificate is valid for 3 months and is an indication of the amount the client can buy for and that credit worthiness has been established upfront after a credit check with the client’s consent. All we need to pre-qualify a potential homebuyer is a copy of their latest payslip and ID document.

“Once pre-qualified, a prospective buyer is under no obligation to take out a homeloan – it’s merely a convenient tool to aid the buying and financial planning process.”

Often, being pre-qualified adds to the strength of your offer-to-purchase, making your offer more favorable to the seller.

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