Home Loans: FNB One Account

The FNB one account was one of the first Home Loan products of its kind available in South Africa. The FNB One Account consolidates multiple accounts into one single account.

The One Account is not only a Home Loan / Mortgage Account but it is also your cheque account, overdraft and/or personal loan. The benefit is that you are charged a single interest rate on all your loan accounts. The rates is much lower than other credit credit or personal loan accounts.

The FNB ONE ACCOUNT features include:

  • A chequebook, cheque card, debit card and petrol card for all your transactional purposes.
  • A single monthly statement which reflects all your account balances
  • One facility that brings all your finances together in one account
  • The ability to borrow against your home loan without applying for credit
  • The interest rate is prime-related and you can repay your debt over 20 years
  • Increased repayments will result in decreasing interest charges
  • And you can earn free eBucks simply by using your One Account facility

To qualify for an FNB ONE ACCOUNT you’ll need:

  • An annual income of at least R350 000 (joint or individual)
  • A minimum property value of R300 000
  • A monthly income (which must be paid into the One Account)
  • A valid South African ID document


To apply for an FNB HOME LOAN, complete the short form online and a home loan consultant will contact you.

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15 comments on “FNB ONE ACCOUNT”

  1. I was so happy that FNB provide this option because with other banks – this is only available to ‘Platinum Bankers’!

    FNB – I’m really impressed with your services! A good corporate citizen indeed!

  2. Hi

    FNB gave us a home loan for 95%, but with 15% interest rate. How can we go about getting a better rate. Will it help if we apply for the FNB one account? And will it help to maybe give a bigger deposit, will they give us a better rate then? Our annual income is more than R350 000 per annum.

  3. I am busy looking for a house to buy.Does the one account apply in this regard?I don’t have an existing bond.How does it work?

  4. i have a building loan with one bank and would like to switch.house is 80% complete in upmarket estate. there will be sufficient value once completed .can i apply for one account?

  5. Hi
    Money is very tight nowadays. I have a personal loan with balance of app. 22500.00 If I settle today it will be app. 16000.00 to settle. The repayment pm is app.800.00 pm. I would like to borrow additional amount above my facility to settle this and it will only increase my one account monthly repayment by app.75.00 pm. I would also like to extend my current remaining repayment epriod or term balance of app 205months back to 240 months. This is only a short term requirement as my son will finish his education at the end of this year which is currently costing me a small fortune. Please help me without making it too difficult. After all you are there to help people to help themselves and not to scre them off.

    Many thanks

  6. What must your income bracket be to qualify for the one account?
    I have just spoken to a consultant now and he says your individual income should be R350k per anum, but on this site it says your individual or joint should be R100k per anum.

    Please explain?

    • Hi Meg,
      The required income bracket is determined by the loan amount you are applying for. The bigger the bond, the more you are required to earn – to qualify for the loan.

      To confirm, the minimum requirements for the FNB One Account has been changed recently, and you now required to earn a Joint Income of at least R350k per annum.

  7. I want to apply for FNB one account, I am a homeowner and have a cheque account with FNB.


    Hi Sello

    The FNB ONE ACCOUNT is one of the most flexible home loan accounts available in South Africa. With this kind of mortgage your will be able to consolidate all debts into one account that charges very low interest. Also, another major benefit of the FNB ONE ACCOUNT is that you can easily access the funds available in your mortgage at any time.

    To apply for this home loan account, please complete the online application – CLICK HERE – and a consultant will contact you with further assistance.


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