ABSA launches new home loan product

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ABSA home loans, one of the largest SA Home Loan providers, have recently launched a mortgage product which is specially designed to cater for the low income groups.

With the Absa MyHome mortgage account, individuals or partners earning from as little as R1500 jointly can now be home owners.

The highlight of the MyHome product is that offers low income earners the opportunity to secure a 100% home loan, making the dream of owning a home a reality for millions of South Africa.

“MyHome will make it possible for almost all South Africans to own a home,” says Gavin Opperman, managing executive of Absa Group Home Loans.

“It is completely unique concept in that the qualifying criterion is based primarily on proof of regular income. This means that applicants do not have to be formally employed to be granted a home loan.

“We realise people who work in the informal economy also need a place to call home.

“In addition to offering our clients 100% bonds, an additional 10% will also be included to cover transfer duty, bank fees and registration costs.”

How to apply for an ABSA MyHome Mortgage:
Complete this short form online and a home loan consultant will contact you personally to assist your with your application.
NOTE: This is a free service.

3 thoughts on “ABSA launches new home loan product”

  1. would it be possible to apply solely even if married in community of property,if not will my partners credit record affect the application if we go jointly?

  2. I would like to apply for a home loan. I do not know the procedure involved

    Please assist

    Hi Fatima,

    I’d recommend applying for your home loan through a Mortgage Originator.
    They will help setup your application correctly, submit it to all the banks and
    negotiate a better interest rate on your behalf.

    You can apply online right now – just complete this short form
    will contact you directly.

    Note: Mortgage Originators offer you a 100% Free Service.

    Your Consultant will be able to answer any questions and will also be able to
    assist you throughout the home loan application process.

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