Online Mortgage Originators

Speed up your home loan application by submitting it to an online mortgage orginator.

What is an online mortgage originator?

Mortgage Originators are changing the way home loans are processed in South Africa. These companies are putting the bargaining power back in favour of the average home owner.

A Mortgage Originator is a company that takes the hassle out of trying to find a home loan. These companies submit your application to all the major home loan providers in South Africa on your behalf, and best of all, they will actually negotiate with the banks for a better rate.

Online mortgage originators have taken home loan application a step further buy offering you the convenience of applying for home loans via the internet. Now you don’t even need to leave the office to get you application started. Online applications are much quick and a lot easier.

How does it work?
When you’re ready to apply for your home loan you’ll visit an online mortgage originator and complete a short online application form. [Click here to apply online now]

The originator will then begin the home loan process by setting up everything you’ll need, before submitting the application to the top home loan providers.

You application will be submitted to:

By having your application submitted to all four banks simultaneously you’re guaranteed to get the lowest rates on your loan, because your originator is able to negotiate between the four competing banks.

All that’s left for you to do, once you receive your quotes, is to select the bank you wish to process your home loan.

IBO Home Loans and Best Bond are two of the best online mortgage originators in South Africa.

Visit either of these top mortgage originators – and apply online.

  1. IBO Home Loans
  2. Best Bond

A two percent saving on a relatively small, R200 000, bond translates into R29 392 over 10 years and R70 9111 over 20.

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