Bitcoin Vs Real Estate – Which Investment Is Better In 2021

Bitcoin Vs Real Estate
The short answer to the Bitcoin vs Real Estate debate: It depends on your risk appetite and investment goals.

When it comes to these two investment opportunities, it can be difficult to discern which is the better choice. Both have benefits and, like all investments, both carry risk.

For the context of this article, we will consider real estate investment as the purchasing of property with the intent of renting or selling it to make a profit. Buying a new home that you intend to live in, is a separate consideration.

The Future Of Finance

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency investment is one of the newest investment options available and is thought to be the future of finance. Cryptocurrency is also driving most of the innovation in the financial sector.

Real Estate however is also a very tangible and reliable investment; you can pull money from it, put value back into it or leverage it. With a proper purchase and research, you can bring in money while putting value into a sellable asset.

On the flip side, you can begin building your cryptocurrency portfolio with a very small investment. Property typically requires a large capital investment and returns are only realized after several years.

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Both asset classes carry inherent risks, which can be reduced with proper foreknowledge and research but crypto is certainly the risker of the two. The risk is offset by very high returns though. A 1000% return on investment is not uncommon in this space.

If you are undecided, the best approach might be to lean toward a safe real estate investment, while you explore and research cryptocurrency projects.

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