A SUPER-LO Homeloan that rewards you for your loyalty

At last, a Home Loan provider that rewards you for your loyalty. SA Home Loans’: Super-Lo Mortgage

Types of Home Loans: SUPER-LO HomeLoan

I have always wondered what incentives do I, as a home loan client, have to stay with my current mortgage lender. For instance, I am able to switch my home loan to a different bank and negotiate a lower interest rate on my bond at anytime.

By doing this every couple of years I will greatly reduce the interest paid over the full term of the loan and shorten my monthly repayments.

My Bank knows this, they know that at any time we can go to their competitors and request a better rate. Yet, they don’t offer us any incentives to remain loyal customers.
They just keep charging us the same high rates we were issued when we applied for the bond, and hope we won’t notice or look for better options.

SA Home Loans (SAHL) is the first lender to announce that they are not taking their clients for granted, and sitting back while we go shopping for a better interest rate with the other banks.

With the new SA Home Loans: SUPER-LO HomeLoan you will now be able to enjoy Discounted Rates and Regular Cash-Backs from your Lender.

This mortgage product is not only unique, but also very flexible. Check out some of the features and benefits of the SUPER-LO Home Loan:

  1. You’ll receive generous interest refunds into your home loan during the first five years. These interest refunds lower your home loan balance, ensuring that you pay less interest over the life of the loan.
  2. The Interest rate is permanently discounted for the remaining life of the loan after the initial five year period
  3. You can choose a flexible loan term of up to 20 year or even a 23 year term.
  4. You can combine the Interest Only option to your SUPER-LO Home Loan giving you the best of both worlds: the benefits of the lowest installment plus interest refunds.
  5. Access surplus funds on the value of your property, through a variety of further lending options after your home loan is established

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  1. Hi guys.

    Thank you for the great service I have experienced so far. I am in need of advice and help!! I have finished some debt of mine and would like to pay more on my bond and I was hoping to also reduce my interest rate if possible. I have a dream and to accomplish it, I must finish my loan first so that I can reapply for a second one to buy my small patch of land at the coast. I hope you will be able to assist me. Thank you.

  2. This is a nice tip. I’d also recommend refinancing your mortgage whenever interest rates drop below what you paid initially when you took out your loan. You can save so much money when you do so.


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