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SA Home Loan Tips: its time to switch for a better interest rate

When last have you reviewed your home loan?
With interest rates increasing many of us are facing a cash flow squeeze, and looking to stretch our income a little further.

Most homeowners do not review their mortgages after their initial purchase, but this is costing you thousands. Over the years you have been reducing the outstanding loan amount on you bond, but you’re still being charged the same interest rate you were given when you first purchased your property.

Switching your home loan to a new mortgage provider is a great way to save thousands over the term of your loan and lower your monthly expenses.

What is Switching?
The process involves transferring your existing home loan from one bank to another. Most people who switch their homeloans do so to take advantage of a better interest rate . Up until now, customers’ switch options have been limited to the four big banks. But a number of new home loan providers are offering much more than a better interest rate, making switching an even better option.

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