Absa is giving us a special 10% discount

Get something back from your Bank, and add-value to your property

With all the negative news surrounding rising interest rates and the banks’ tougher lending policies, here is some good news about a bank that is giving something back to its home loan clients.

Through their recently launched Bright Ideas campaign, ABSA home loans are giving their clients a 10% discount on a range of energy saving products.

We are reminded that South Africa is trying to overcome a major electrical crisis. To do this we only need to reduce our electricity usage by at least 10%.

SA’s largest mortgage provider is encouraging homeowners to use their Access Bond facilities to add value to their homes by making it more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Energy Saving Solutions
Solar heating panels draw power from the sun’s rays and convert it into electrical energy, which is used to heat up your geyser.
Proper geyser insulation helps to contain the heat in your geyser by reducing the amount of heat that is radiated from the cylinder.

Although the campaign has been aimed at home owners, the special 10% discount on solar water heating, insulation, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and generators will also be welcomed by many small businesses.


Speak to a home loan consultant about how to use an Access Bond to draw funds from your home loan to add value to your property . We are also able to assist in lowering your bond repayments by reviewing your existing homeloan.
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