Mortgages – more than just a Loan for your Home

Mortgage SA Home Loan Tips: All-in-one Mortgages

Although the prime purpose of a mortgage is to finance the purchase of property, a home loan is far more than just a loan for your home. Recent innovations in the bond industry have seen an increase in the flexibility of your bond.

Your bond can now be used as a powerful investment, debt consolidation tool and/or savings tool.

With products like the ABSA Multiplan home loan and other types of Access Bonds – from FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank – you are able to leverage the potential of stored in your mortgage.

Many new homeloan products enable you to make the most of your bond finance by structuring multiple accounts into your low interest mortgage.

Most people these days use their homeloans as a source of finance for far more that just their houses. All-in-one bonds structure your mortgage account so that you are easily able to withdraw funds from your home loan or save extra funds in your bond to lower the interest payments.

The benefit there All-in-one accounts offer are:

  • One low-low interest rate for your credit card and personal loan debts
  • Easy access to available funds in your account
  • A powerfully savings tool
  • Longer repayment terms – to lower your monthly expense
  • and many more…

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