3 Reasons to switch to SA Home Loans

Mortgage Tips: SA Home Loans

  1. SA Home Loans Interest Rates
    Most home loan providers in South Africa lend money based on the Prime Interest Rate and have been forced to increase their rates due to the consistent rise in prime rates over the past 6 months.

    SA Home Loans (SAHL) is not a bank, they are Home Loan specialists and their lending rates are based on the JIBAR rate (definition). SAHL rates are at times offered at less than the Prime lending rate.

    At the time of writing, the JIBAR base rate was 11.3% while the Prime base rate was 15%

  2. Interest Only Home Loans
    SAHL offers one of the most unique home loan products currently available. The interest only bond gives you the choice to pay only the interest portion of your home loan. This is ideal for commission earners or self employed clients, who have an inconsistent income.
    Read more on the SA HOME LOAN INTEREST ONLY bond
  3. Flexible Terms
    While the average South African holds their bonds for about 5 years – SAHL does give you the choice to extend the term of your home loan to over 20 years. Most banks limit their home loan terms to a maximum of 20 years.

    A longer term will lower you monthly bond instalment, making it easier to manage your financial commitments during high interest rate cycles.

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7 comments on “3 Reasons to switch to SA Home Loans”

  1. Good Day

    I have obtained a home loan from Nedbank & Standard Bank but have not yet decided which one I will use. The loan is for a 2nd property that I am buying. What interest rate would you be able to give me and also expalin how it would work if I only have to pay the interst if I might decide to go that route.

    Thanks David

  2. My mortage is currently with Nedbank. The interest rate is too high. My home loan was for R200 000.00. I was on maternity leave
    for three months. This caused that I am behind with some of my debt. My friend told me about SA Homeloans which could consolidate
    my debt and pay one monthly installment.

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