No bond costs, free insurance for first time buyers

Standard Bank Home Loans
Home LoansWith the property market slowing down, it is not unusual to find the banks launching new campaigns such as Standard Bank’s First Time Buyer promotion to boost their home loan business.

The new home loan campaign aims to encourage First Time Home Buyers to enter the property market, at a time when sellers are often forced to lower their asking prices.

Standard Bank Home Loans are offering all first time buyers an opportunity to save on their bond registration costs, and their homeowners and life insurance costs.

But home loan consultants warn that although you may save on costs in the short term, Standard Bank are not offering the best interest rates currently, and you may end up paying much more over the term of your home loan.

Standard Bank Home Loans First-time home buyers’ Campaign

  • No Bond Registration Costs
  • 2 months of your home owner’s comprehensive and credit life insurance covered – so for example, on a bond of R648 000 you save R12 608.
  • This offer is valid until 30 April 2008.

Please note, if you or the co-applicant is not a first time buyer you will not qualify for this offer.

Click Here – To apply for a First Time Buyer Home Loan.

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