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Home Loans South Africa:

The wonderful thing about having several ways to manage your finances is that you only need one of them to work for you to break free of bad debt, and turn a tough situation into a successful one.

For most, a home loan is the single biggest investment you’ll make in your life, and therefore it makes sense to review your existing bond when trying to restructure your finances and make your debt commitments more manageable.

Its been stated many times before that is first step to financial freedom is to rid yourself of high interest debts – like Personal Loans, Store Cards and Credit Cards. The easiest way to do this is to use your existing home loan to pay of these debts. In this way you’re finding solutions within your own circle of influence to problems that seem uncontrollable at first.

Another option – that many homeowners do not take full advantage of – is to renegotiate your interest rate on your bond. When it comes to a long term loan like a mortgage the smallest difference in interest rate has huge effect on the total bond repayment.

Speak to a Bond Consultant about refinancing your property or renegotiating the interest rate on your existing bond.

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  1. My current homeloan is with SA Homeloans. I need extra cash to consolidate my
    debt. I want to expand my private business. Please help.

  2. I hereby request that you review my existing home loan and renegotiate the interest rate on my existing bond, because at the moment my interest rate is on 17% and I wish secure a lower interest rate.


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