There’s an army of Wealth Creators waiting in your Homeloan Barracks

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It’s a known fact that the fastest road to financial freedom is to become a successful Business Owner or Investor. For most of us owning a successful business may seem almost impossible. And investing – we assume – is better left to those wealthy risk takers. But you’re about to realise the potential you hold in your homeloan.

Most South African Homeowners are sitting on a pot of gold that can be invested into relatively stable, low risk wealth building vehicles.

Home FinanceYour property value has grown at a fast rate over the past few years and if you unlock the value of your home you’ll be able to deploy an army of Wealth Creators to begin building your path to financial freedom.

Every Rand that you are able to invest is like a small soldier or builder that is just waiting to begin earning you more money.
If every Rand you invest is like your personal employee, who specialises in making more money, you should have thousands of employees waiting in your Homeloan – looking for work. Now for once you’re able to reverse the roles, and begin to make your HomeLoan work for you.

Over the past few years and months your Property Value has increased. At the same time you’ve been paying off your bond every month, bringing down the total outstanding loan amount.

The extra value you now have locked up in your property can be used as a deposit for new property that you can rent out. Or you may choose to use the funds to start you own business.

These are just two ways in which you can begin to get your money working for you. If you can find a safe place for you money to grow at a consistent pace your net worth will slowly begin to snow ball. The resulting effect of being a wise investor and dealing carefully with your money is that you’ll have less stress and more time to enjoy your life.

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