Home Finance – Bond Originators even more indispensable

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The implementation of the National Credit Act (NCA) in July this year has forced banks to check the overall credit exposure of their applicants before granting home finance.

Under the NCA, applicants need to prove that they are able to afford the monthly bond repayments and banks are obligated to perform full credit checks on each applicant – this process has made Bond Originators even more indispensable.

Barak Geffen, Executive Director of Sotheby’s says: “Many banks cannot cope with the increased administration but Bond Originators who act for and represent the consumer, are ideally positioned to close the gap.”

Your bond originator should have a good understanding of the overall home finance application process, and therefore be able to request all the necessary documents upfront before submitting your application to the various homeloan providers.

Note: This service is totally free to you as the Bond Originator is paid by the banks directly – this cost is not passed on to the applicant.

And, since our consultants specialize in sourcing home finance, you can be sure that they will secure the best bond deal available and the lowest interest rate.

If you need speak to a bond consultant – click here and complete this short form online. Or contact us directly on 0861 111 563.

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