HomeLoans: Now you can begin to Act

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Ok, so after changing the way you think about the home you’ve dreamt of owning, we are now ready to begin acting! The reason we’ve made this the final step is because your actions naturally follow your thoughts. If you’re able to believe that you CAN own any property, your actions will begin to reflect your thoughts – and you’ll begin to do things that will bring your dreams to fruition.

If you’ve missed the first three steps to Owning Any Property You Want go back and read them before continuing further:
Step 1: Find out what you really want
Step 2: Focus on what is needed to secure the finance
Step 3: Believe that you ARE able to own that property

Let’s discuss the fourth step: Acting on you belief
These concepts really are common sense – but not necessarily common knowledge¦

HomeLoans SAIf you can follow this simple process to owning any home you really want you’ll soon find your name on the Title Deed of your dream property.

What you need to do now is begin – paying – the bond repayments on your new home loan before you are approved for the mortgage. Pay the repayments into your personal savings account. Start small and increase the amounts until you can save a whole installment every month.

To secure a home loan you’ll need to prove that you are able to afford the monthly bond repayments. The best way to do this is to save the minimum repayment into a personal bank account every month. The Bank will notice that you’ve already made an effort to control your expenses to ensure that you were able to save a small deposit for the bond.

Also you won’t have to do any dramatic changes to your budget once you’ve been approved for your bond.

PropertyLoans.co.za: Here’s how we’ll help you secure your bond.
We specialize in securing bond finance for you at the lowest interest rates. Your bond consultant will submit your application to all the major banks and negotiate for the best bond deal on your behalf.

If you need some advice regarding your existing home loan or new bond application email OLEN@PROPERTYLOANS.co.za or complete this short online application.

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