Believe that you are able to own that property

Property and SA Homeloan tips:

Owning property in South Africa is not as difficult as most would believe. All it takes is some determination, and the will to align yourself with what is required of you to secure the <bond finance for your new home.

This is the third step to owning the property you want and securing the Homeloan you need: By believing that you are able to own the property.

Previously, I explained that the first two steps are to find out what you really want and then to focus on what is needed to secure the finance for the property.

The introduction of the National Credit Act, the recent rate hikes, and raising property prices has undoubtedly made property ownership tougher. The banks now are less willing to approve homeloans .

But, you don’t have to be affected by these factors. To ensure that you can secure that homeloan and own a new house, all you need to do is make the choice to not let any negative factors deter you from whatever it is you want.

The importance of Believing that you are able to afford your new property cannot be overstated. If you don’t believe that you’re able to support the bond repayments on your dream home, there is little chance that you will persuade a bank to lend you the money to purchase the property.

This is the easiest step in the whole process to overcome – all you need to do is visualise yourself living in your new home and believe that you will be living there soon. Before long your actions will begin draw you closer towards your goal.

You will soon become more aware of different opportunities that will allow you to get closer to owning that new house.

The final step is to Act on your belief ¦ That, I explain in the next part of this series.

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