One Stop Home Loan Solution

For New and Existing Home Loans, Further Bonds and all Debt Consolidation finance

SA Bond Originator:
Property Loans offers you an ALL-in-One Bond Origination Service.

Shopping around for the best home loan interest rate can be very time consuming and since you homeloan is probably the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever have its important to ensure that you’re getting the best bond deal currently available.

4 Things to look for when searching for the best home loan package:

1: Super Low Interest Rate
Our mortgage Consultants will send you home loan application to all the major bond providers in South Africa – including: ABSA, FNB, STD Bank, Nedbank and SA Home Loans

2: Discounted Bond Costs
We are able to negotiate between 100% and 50% discount on your Bond Registration costs. Always ask our consultants for a discount as these costs can add up to thousands.

3: Fast Approvals
When purchasing a new property its important to secure your homeloan finance as fast as possible since sellers are often not willing to wait more that a couple of weeks for your bond to be approved – PropertyLoans can secure your approval within days.

4: No hidden costs
Our bond origination service is not only comprehensive, but it is also 100% free. In fact you’ll not only be getting the lowest interest rate but also a discount on your bond registration costs.


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13 comments on “One Stop Home Loan Solution”

  1. I need to apply for refinacing my bond so that I can consolidate my debts can you help please. I am drowning in debt, cannot cope with my salary, I am the bread winner in my family.

  2. i have an exsting property and i need a futher loan on the same i need to apply for a bond switch or a second bond. am looking at R500,000.00 and my salary is at R18 836.00. my net salary is R11 102.15. am looking at the repayment R6 000.00

  3. My husband lost his job at the end of 2008. As a result we could not pay our debtors. We applied for sequestration and this has been granted. We are currently living on my salary. Our home has been repossessed. Is it possible to get a smaller home loan based on my income only.

  4. have a homeloan at one of the mayor banks applied for a second bond,but was declined due to what I was told the market value the house. The house is valued at +- 420 k all I am requesting is 100k please assist .

  5. I would like to obtain a bond for buying a plot of R500 000.00. Where will I find the best deal? Please get back to me ASAP – thanks

  6. Good day.
    1.We have just sold our house in Kimberley, buyers funds are approved, transfer is in process and transfer date is 15.06.2010.The balance of the bond and sales proce is R380k.
    2.We are looking at a well positioned and well priced property in Port Elisabeth(R650k).
    3.We can put down a deposit of R250k and will need bond of R400k.
    4. I am a consultant and do not have a regular income since these are related to contracts; but when there is work there is good income of about R70k per month. My wife has a pension of R4k and teachers salary of R9k per month.
    5. We have a judgement (Dec2007)related to the FNB bond on the house just sold but have been more than up to date since then. Tardy payments have been due to slow payment of invoices by government clients.
    6. What are the chances of obtaining bond approval; we are married in COP

    Thank you
    Y Adam

  7. My daughter is in Valhalla in the defence force and she and I want to buy a property together.
    She is a first time buyer and I will come in as co buyer.
    We are looking for a 100% bond as well as transfer and registration fee included.
    Our joint income is R25 300 pm and property viewed range at about R700 000.
    What is our options please.

  8. i’m busy with the owner of a house, his looking for R220 000 but can i get a bigger bond of R270 000 please reply and what must i earn to qualify for the bond

    1. Hi Ricardo,
      I’m not sure if you are looking for a new bond of R270k, or a further bond on your existing property.
      I can tell you that we have helped one of our clients get a 100% bond this month.

      In that particular case he was expecting to only receive R206k,
      but since the property valuation came in at R295k we were able to secure that higher loan amount for him.

  9. I have a fully paid town house in Northwold and need a small bond. The town houses in my complex are sold at R750,000.00 +

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