What Bond Do I Qualify For?

When it comes to home loans the type of Bond you will qualify for can vary quite a lot. Some of the factors that will determine what bond you qualify for include: your income; the type of property you’re buying; or your nationality.

Home Loans For Affordable Housing Clients
Currently most banks are offering exclusive 100% bonds for clients who fall in to the affordable housing range. Affordable Housing Bonds are available to household earning a joint income that is less then R15 000 per month. These types of home loans include the full purchase price of the property, and may also cover the addition transfer and bond registration fees… [Read More]

Home Loans For Repossessed Houses
The bank are still very keen to sell all their Repossessed Houses, and most are currently willing to offer full 100 percent home loans to clients who are buying one of their bank repo houses.

Home Loans For Self Employed Clients
The major banks have definitely clamped down on their borrowing rules concerning self employed business owners. On average, we are finding that the maximum home loan ratios applicable to self-employed clients will not exceed 90% of the property price… [Read More]

Home Loans For Foreigners
When the banks consider granting home loans for foreigners, they will typically categorize their clients into two major groups. Those living and working within SA borders, and those who are wanting to buy a property in South Africa but living or working abroad or outside of South African Borders. The two distinctions have a major effect on the out come of your home loan application… [Read More]

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