Mortgage Re-advances

SA Home Loans Tips

Home Loan Readvances offer you an opportunity to secure a large loan amount at a very low interest rate.

A Home Loan Readvance allows you to borrow all or part of the portion of your Mortgage you’ve already repaid.

The process is much faster than applying for a Further Loan (or 2nd Bond), and it has the extra benefit in that you’ll be paying a very low interest rate on that loan amount.

If you’re considering doing some renovations to your home or if you’re looking for a loan for a holiday trip, it makes more sense to apply for a Mortgage Readvance and secure a low interest loan then to apply for a personal loan or to use your credit card.

Further benefits of Home Loan Readvances are that you are able to pay off the outstanding amount over the full term of your bond so your montly repayments are much more manageable.

Speak to one of our Home Loan consultants now about applying for a home loan re-advance.
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