SA Home Loans Interest Only – Edge Home Loan

SAHL Interest Only Edge Home Loan

Of the many different types of home loan products offered by SA Home Loans (SAHL), the Interest Only – Edge Home Loan – is certainly the most unique.

SAHL markets this bond option as the home loan with the lowest monthly instalment in South Africa.

What Is The SA Home Loans Interest Only – Edge Home Loan?

  • The edge home loan is a 23-year bond.
  • For the first 36 months (3 years) of the new bond you are only required to pay the interest portion of the monthly installment.
  • After the first three years, the bond reverts to a normal 20-year home loan, and you are then liable for the full monthly installment, which includes interest and capital.

Pay In Extra Funds

The Edge Home Loan also offers you the flexibility to pay in extra funds during those first 3 years. Any additional payments made will help to reduce the capital portion on your homeloan and thereby reduce the total interest you’ll end up paying over the full term of the bond.

The real benefit of this unique offering is that it gives buyers a bit of comfort when taking on a bigger bond, which most people do when buying a new home, and it can help with your personal household affordability for the next 36 months.

SA Home Loans – Interest Rate Factors
There are various factors that determine your interest rate.
Among them are:
  • The Size Of Your Deposit
  • Your Credit Profile
  • Your Repayment History
  • Your Employment Status

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