Standard Bank JumpStart Home Loans

100% Mortgages for First-Time home buyers from Standard Bank.

If you’ve never owned a home before and are looking to purchase a property for the first time, you’re often referred to as a First-Time Home Buyer.

First-Time Home Buyers usually have similar set of requirements, and therefore the banks have developed mortgage solutions specifically for this type of client.

One of the biggest obstacles first-time home buyers faced in previous years was that they could not afford to pay the costs involved in applying for a homeloan. Also, very often these clients could not afford to put down a deposit on their mortgage as a result 100+% home loans were introduced.

Standard Banks’ 100+% mortgage is called the JumpStart Home Loan, and it is only available to First-Time Buyers.
A similar home loan called the Costs-Inclusive Home Loan is available for Second-Time Buyers.

Qualifying Criteria:

  • You need to be a first time buyer
  • The Home Loan amount must be between R 100,000 and R 2 million
  • You need to earn a single or joint income of at least R 6,000/pm
  • and you must be 21 years or older.
 STD Bank JumpStart Options: 

There are 3 JumpStart Interest Rate Options available:

  • variable
  • fixed
  • three month payment holiday

 1. Variable Rate Option 

With a variable home loan interest rate you enjoy the flexibility and benefits of a fluctuating rate. For the JumpStart Home Loan your interest rate will always be the current Prime Rate

2. Fixed Rate Option
A fixed rate ensures that you have assurance regarding your bond repayments for up to 24 months months. The fixed rate option is available for 12, 18 and 24 months.

3. 3 Month Payment Holiday Option
A 3 month payment holiday option allows you to pay your first bond installment three months after registration.

If you choosing this option a maximum of 27% of your income can be used to pay off your Bond.

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  1. Ntobeko Khumalo

    How does the process work? Does the bank oversee the actual purchase or do you just avail funds and let the client do his own purchase

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