Your Home Loan – How to Save Thousands

Whether interest rates are going up or down the importance of taking an active interest in managing your home loan can not be overstated, and you’re about is find out why – now!

For one of many reasons you decide that you need to lower your expenses and find some way of saving yourself some money every month.

In the past you’ve heard many financial advisors promoting Debt Consolidation and decide to do some research into the topic. It’s not long till you begin to realize that managing your debts becomes easier when you consolidate all your debts into one, because you only need to pay off one account every month.

The major attraction of consolidating your debts into your home loan account is that you’ll be paying less interest and therefore your monthly costs are immediately reduced.

But here’s an even easier way to save thousands on your bond:

Following the advice of a Home Loan Consultant you decide to pay just R100 extra into your R300 000 bond every month, as a result you shorten your 20 year bond by as much as 2 years which is a saving of over R45 000 in total – TAX FREE.

You quickly realize that the maturity value of your saving policy does not compare to this kind of return.

And if you had increased your bond payments to R500 per month, you’ll save over R150 000 and shorten your bond term by almost 7 years.

On your savings policy you’re being charged admin and other costs which impacts negatively on its maturity value, but if this money was being placed into your bond, your homeloan will actually begin to Work For You.

Here’s what you need – the tools to get your Bond working for you:

The Knowledge – By simply browsing and reading the articles you’ve discovered some proven methods to reducing your costs and saving thousands.
You’re about to reap the rewards – next you’ll need…

A Home Loan Consultant – Shopping around for the best home loan is becoming very confusing because banks are continually developing new innovative bond accounts. Speak to an experienced homeloan consultant who will be able to explain the benefits of each type of home loan to you.

Finally, you’ll need an Access Bond and just a little self-discipline. You’ve got already got the discipline and the Banks have the Access Bond, all you need is a dash of Knowledge and One Mortgage Consultant and you’ll be saving thousands.

Ok, go and speak to one of our consultants now. Remember, this is a free service and all you need to do is complete your contact details HERE and a consultant will contact you.

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