The growing presence of Female Property Buyers

SA Property News:

The latest figures from some of the biggest SA Mortgage lenders are reflecting the increased presence of female homeowners in the local property market.

Early this year FNB home loans reported that about 20 percent of the property buyers in the last quarter of 2005 were women that number has continued to grow.

According to FNB, 25% of all women earning between R60 000 and R200 000 per annum already own a property.

While, statistics from bond originator Mortgage SA show a similar pattern with one in four home loans granted in the first half of 2006 going to female property buyers.

FNB Home Loans CEO Ed Grondel says these figures are encouraging as it indicates that women are taking responsibility for their future financial well-being.

Latest figures from Standard Bank show that women are becoming particularly active in the buy-to-let market. Standard Bank economist Elna Moolman says the percentage of female participants in the residential property investment market increased from 28% to 37% between 2000 and 2005.

Property24 reports that the average age of women buying property has remained constant over the past two years at around 40 years.

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