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Fast and Easy SA Home Loan Applications
Online home loan applications are gaining popularity.

The idea of Mortgage Originators is a relatively new concept in South Africa, but this industry has grown very quickly.
A Mortgage Originator is a company which takes all the hassle out of shopping for home loans. The originator is your personal home loan assistant; they will submit your application to all the banks and home loan providers in SA and negotiate the best interest rates on your behalf.

By using a mortgage originator like Goldburn Mortgage, IBO Home Loans or Mortgage SA you will not only save time in getting your home loan approved but you will also end up saving thousands on your bond repayments.

Mortgage Originators have unique arrangements with the large banking institutions and are therefore able to negotiate for a better interest rate on your behalf.

Your application will typically be submitted to Absa Home Loans, Standard Bank Home Loans, First National Bank Home Loans and many other mortgage providers.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are paying to lowest interest rate on a mortgage is to submit your application to as many home loan providers as possible and negotiate between the banks for a lower rate – Mortgage Originators do all this on your behalf, and they are paid on a commission basis by the Bank.

Click here to submit your home loan application to one of the biggest SA mortgage originators – IBO Home Loans.

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