SA Home Improvement Loan

How to finance a home renovation & What loans are available for home renovations?

Home Improvements are one sure way to increase the value of your property and finding a home improvement loan in South Africa is not tough at all.

South Africans generally love their homes and we’re always looking to renovate and improve our living standards. Over the past few months bond re-advances have been increasing as more homeowners are choosing to focus on Home Improvements rather than buying new homes.

The quickest and easiest way to secure a loan for home improvements is to use your Bond Originator to apply for a re-advance or further loan from the bank. Your Originator will take care of all aspects of the application to ensure your loan is processed quickly, allowing you to focus on getting the improvements completed correctly.

The most common mistake many homeowners make is to apply for a personal loan to finance home renovations. Personal Loans are very expensive since you’re often forced to pay them back at a very high interest rate, and over a short term, by using your home loan you’ll be able to repay the loan at a much reduced rate and over a much longer term.

Speak to a consultant today and make sure to enquire about the types of Home Improvement Discounts offered by the different banks.

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