Mortgage Originator

Bond Originators:

Since the introduction of the Mortgage Originator, South African homeowners have seen a huge shift in the home loan market as banks began competing for your business.

By submitting each application to four or more banks, Mortgage Originators have helped to drive down the average cost of Home Loans is South Africa. Banks are now more than ever aware of the fact that they’re competing against other mortgage providers for your business and as a result have improved their service levels, mortgage products and eased their leading criteria.

Fast Applications and Fast Approvals
You no longer need to visit the bank yourself to apply for a home loan, instead you can submit your application to a Mortgage Originator Online. Your application is then drawn up and sent to a number of different banks who will then process it, all that’s left for you to do is to accept the offer that best suits your needs.

Lower Interest Rate
Besides better service and mortgage product banks have also lowered their average interest rates to maintain a competitive edge.
By using your SA Mortgage Originator you can ensure that you’re getting the best bond deal.

Free Service
The amazing thing about Bond Originators is that their service is completely free! And you’re guaranteed to get the lowest rate on your bond.

Here’s a short list of some Top SA Mortgage Originators:

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