Homeowners are looking for Home Loans online

The Internet is an amazing information resource and South Africans looking for home loans are finding that the internet offers them the opportunity to shop around for the best mortgage without having to leave their desks.

Home Loans OnlineIndustry specialists believe that the internet is set to become one of the biggest influences on Home Loans in South Africa.

Saul Geffen, MD of MortgageSA, explains that the internet is the fastest growing home loan distribution channel. His mortgage origination company currently submits over 10 000 online home loan applications per month to the various mortgage leaders in South Africa.

Looking for Home Loans Online? Here’s a list of useful websites and resources:

Useful HomeLoan Resources
Brief Home Loans Guide – explains some of the basic home loan requirements and concepts.
Types of Home Loans – explains the various types of home loans available in South Africa.
Home Loan Registration Process – explains the various stages of the registration process.
How to switch mortgages – explains the benefits and process of Home Loan switching
Debt Consolidation – how to lower you monthly expenses and make big long term savings

Mortgage Originators: You can Apply Online Now
Mortgage Innovations SA
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