FNB Home Loans to refund Saambou clients

Home Loans News: FNB, Saambou

FNB have agreed to refund 50 000 former Saambou clients about R154 million for interest charged on their home loans.

According to reports the FNB announced that it will refund those clients who were charged too much interest on the home loans prior to FNB’s acquisition of Saambou’s home loan book in 2002.

Saambou collapsed in 2002 after investors lost faith in the bank and witdrew their deposits, sparking a run on the bank.

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5 comments on “FNB Home Loans to refund Saambou clients”

  1. 15th April 1992 I had a Saambou loan and I am now paid up. The public was informed that Saambou overcharged clients. How can I retrieve my money. my cell number is 0846799571

  2. 15th April 1992 I had a Saambou loan and I am now paid up Could you determine if I was ovecharged. My id 5002150682087 bond number 22207

  3. Please explain how you calculated my overcharged interesr by Saambou as I got an accountant and there is a big difference when compared to your. I would also you to submit me a copy of my calculations done by your accountant.


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