Property – a great way to build lasting wealth

Buy to Rent
Simple steps to making a profit on your property investment

Buying a home for the purposes of renting it out is a great way to build your wealth. While your property value is constantly increasing you’re collecting rent to help pay off your bond / homeloan.

But when looking for a BUY-to-LET property is can sometimes be difficult to find the best deal.

Here are some tips to help you get the best value and return of your property investment:

  • Location:
    Location is always key whether you’re looking to by a new home as you primary residence or for investment purposes. Houses closer to shopping centers, schools and transport are always more favorable.
  • Expenses:
    Before buying, make sure you’ve considered every last expense to ensure that you’ll have a positive cash flow.
  • High House Prices:
    Begin your search in areas where house prices are high since people who cannot afford a homeloan or who are only staying a short while are more inclined to rent in these ‘posh’ areas.
  • Low Maintenance:
    Stay clear of old house that could become a nightmare to maintain. The costs of fix problems can easily turn a positive cashflow in a negative.
  • Owner out of country:
    Since it’s tougher to manage a property when they’re out of the country, sellers are often happy to find a quick sale than to hold out for a better price. You can often get a good deal in this situation.

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