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How does your Mortgage Originator fits into the SA Home Loans Process

IBO HOMELOANSMortgage Originators, such as IBO HOMELOANS and MORTGAGE SA, have completely revolutionized the SA homeloans process. Previously potential homeowners were expected to approach their banks for homeloans and vie for a loan from banks’ limited capital resources.

Now Mortgage Originators have been established to give clients a single point of contact in the home loans process.

Clients can use the Originator to apply for a homeloan at one of many different banks without having to visit each bank themselves – and you only need to complete one application form.

Once you’ve completed an application with your, Mortgage Originator (MO), the consultant will send it to many of the top South African Homeloan providers and collect the different offers.

Once are the offers from the different banks have been received – a process which usually only takes one or two days – the only thing that’s left for you to do is to select the offer that best suits your needs.

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