Women: emerging property barons

Home Loans News: FNB Residential Property Barometer

A recent report by FNB HomeLoans suggests that women are become increasingly savvy investors. According to the report about 20 percent of the property buyers in the last quarter of 2005 were women.

FNB HomeLoansFNB Home Loans CEO Ed Grondel said it was encouraging to see these figures steadily increasing, as it is a good indicator that women are taking responsibility for their future financial well-being.

“The growth in home ownership in part can be attributed to the recent property boom brought about by the rapid drop in lending rates. This further increased the number of properties being used as a form of investment, particularly with many eyeing out the buy-to-let market,” Grondel said.

“While there is talk that the boom is over, there are still investors out there continuing to reap the rewards of some well chosen property investments.”

According to Grondel: “The opportunities presented in the buy-to-let market haven’t completely disappeared, they have just shifted. Instead of the rapid growth that investors experienced a few years back, today’s investor must be prepared to look at a return over the long term coming from capital growth over a number of years.”

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