Home Loans – Pay 10% less, ABSA

ABSA Home LoansABSA home loans are offering South Africans the opportunity to save up to 10% on their monthly home loan repayments.

In view of expected higher interest rates in 2006, the affordability of housing will again be in the spotlight. To remain one of the four biggest SA home loan providers ABSA is constantly evaluating its home loan products and adapting them to better suit the current environment.

It’s a fact that increasing the affordability of a home loan can be done by extending the mortgage term from 20 years to 30 years.

ABSA are now offering home loan over 30 years which should reduce your monthly bond repayments by 10%.

Alternatively – you opt to purchase a bigger home. With the extended term of 30 years, the homeowner is able to get more house for their money because it effectively increases the capital affordability by 10%.

By paying less on your monthly repayments, you can now afford a property with a 10% higher capital value. And if you already have a 20 year home loan you can extend it for FREE.

Speak to a HOME LOANS Consultant now – just complete you contact details on this short form and a home loans consultant will contact you.

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  1. Hi i want to apply for a home loan i am earning R3200 a month how much do i qualify for what is needed when i go to the bank to apply i do not want to go through a mortgage or bond agency i would like to deal with the bank directly.



    Hi Sandra,

    The size of the home loan you can qualify for not only depends on your salary, since most banks will consider your current credit rating and your current expense level – also known as your Debt-to-Income ratio.

    You’ll can to speak to a home loan consultant directly who will be able to calculate this for you over the phone. You have no obligation to use a Mortgage Originator and since their service is Free it will not cost you anything.

    If you’d like a Home Loan Consultant to contact you now, complete you details on this short form. – CLICK HERE

  2. hi
    i am earning R6100 per month single. I am looking for a house,what kind of a house or for how much do i qualify for buying a house.


  3. hi,
    could you please advise if me and my fiance could qualify for a home loan. i earn R6150 gross and she R3750 Gross, without commission. together it is plus, minus R9900 in total.

  4. Hallo hope you well

    Could you please advised me how much I qualify for- first time buyer. I earn a salary of R7850.00 gross, I would also like to add to this application that I am getting married in May 13th and my self and wife will make a home loan together, she earns R6000.00 amount together = R13850.00,

    Kind regards

  5. We would like to take a loan on our bond to paint the house and make other improvements. We unfortunately do not have an account number as we have never received a statement. Please advise us on how to proceed with the loan.

  6. Hi

    Could you please advised me how much I qualify for- first time buyer. I earn a salary of R7200.00 gross.


    Bongiwe Mgobhozi

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