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Absa home loansABSA is one of the leading SA home loan providers. Their combination of flexible and affordable mortgages has contributed to the fact that ABSA a first choice for many homeowners.

Applying for a homeloan will often seem like a daunting task and many new homeowners are not aware of the different options available or how one type of home loan is better suited for their particular needs.

Below you’ll find a description of the two most popular types of bonds offered by ABSA.

First Time Home Loan – Absa’s tailor-made solution for the 1st time homebuyer. You can get a loan of up to 108% – the additional 8% to cover the transfer and registration costs. Save money in interest by paying of the cost portion of the loan over a shorter period.

My Home – Absa’s MyHome is a home loan package structured for home buyers who earn a single or joint monthly income of R6, 000 or less.

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