Mortgage Originators – the one stop Home Loan assistant

SA Home Loans:

Mortgage Originators have completely changed the way home loan applications are processed. Before Mortgage Origination existed in South Africa, we were forced to visit every home loan provider personally to secure a bond. Originators have taken over that task, at no extra cost to you, and they’ve dramatically sped up the application process.

If you’re looking to get your Home Loan finance approved within days and be sure you’ve got the best deal, your best option would be to have an SA Mortgage Originator submit your application to all the major banks on your behalf.

The success of Bond Origination can clearly be demonstrated by the fact ABSA and Nedbank receive more than 60% of their home loan applications from Originators. 45% of FNB Home Loans come via Mortgage Originators.

It’s clear that the free service which originators are offering is exactly what South African have been looking for.

And besides the increase service levels, originators have also been key in getting the banks to lower the interest rates they charge on their home loans, because the banks are now forced to compete for your business.

Because of Originators, Banks are now prepared to give rate concessions of 2% below prime.

Benefits of using a Bond Originator:

  1. Faster Application Process
  2. A Completely Free Service
  3. Applications submitted the all the major home loan providers.
  4. Your get to choose which bank you want to go with.
  5. Lower Home Loan interest rates – because the banks are now competing for your business.

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