Property Valuations and Home Loans

Home Loan Tips: Property Valuations

Whether you’re looking to buy a new house or you currently own a home, the present value of your property will play a large part in obtaining and managing a home loan.

Before any bank grants you a home loan, a property valuation must be completed. A valuation is performed to ensure that your property holds enough value to qualify for the home loan.

Your home loan and property value is measured according to a LTV ratio, loan-to-value ratio. In General the low your loan-to-value ratio the easier it will be to qualify for a home loan.

The Loan-to-Value percentage is calculated by dividing the size of the home loan by the assessed value of your property, and multiplying by 100.

  • Loan / Property Value * 100 = LTV Percentage
  • In some circumstances you may qualify for a home loan with an LTV of up to and even exceeding 100%. Speak to a consultant now to find out how you can qualify for a 100% home loan

    The value of your property will remain a key aspect of your home loan even once you’ve gained ownership.

    A home loan is a huge financial responsibility and for many of us it will be the largest financial investment of our lives. Therefore, being able to manage your mortgage is vital and equally important is being able to make full use of the financial potential of your mortgage.

    Mortgage Readvances, Debt Consolidation and Second Bonds offer homeowners the opportunity to use the extra equity available in their home loans to pay off other higher interest debts.

    A new property valuation assessment will be done on your property whenever you apply for any of these mortgage products.

    Speak to a Consultant about having your property assessed or about applying for a home loan / readvance / second bond. Just complete this short form and consultant will contact your immediately.

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    1. I have an existing bond with absa bank. i would like to sell my home and need a valuation urgently. can standard bank also give me one? we are in Zwarkop x4, Centurion.
      Please contact me on the above email address or phone me on 0799722666. thank you

      kind regards

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