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For first time home buyers getting finance for you new home can, at times, seem like a daunting task. Most new home owners are simply looking to finance to their dream home, but they’re all confronted by the same questions:

Which bank should I approach?
What type of SA Home Loan is best suited to your needs?
What kind of interest rate structure is best – Fixed, Variable or Other?
What is a mortgage originator?
Who are Best Bond, IBO Home Loans and Mortgage SA?

These questions are asked over and over by most new home owners and after finding the right home loan provider, with the perfect type of home loans, even more questions arise, like:

Will I qualify for the Home Loan?
What are the Registration Costs?
How long will Registration take and what is the Registration take?

1. Browse the Site is a home loans website specifically developed to answer your questions. We discuss the advantages of Fixed or Variable interest rates, whether you’re better off renting or buying a new home.

Here you’ll also find loads of reviews on home loan products from the largest mortgage providers in SA.

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And if you can’t find the answer on the web site, simple send your question to us using the comments section below every article.

3. Free Home Loans Assistance
But if you’d like to speak to a Home Loan consultant directly, you’ll need to complete is Short Form and a consultant will contact your immediately.

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