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Home Loans Features: Standard Chartered Bank has highlighted a number of Home Loans products from all the top SA mortgage providers, including FNB Home Loans, ABSA, Standard Bank, Nedbank and SA Home Loans.

In this article we’ll take a look at a home loan product from one of the new comers in South Africa. Standard Chartered Bank is one of the largest international banks and actually they helped set Standard Bank in South Africa in 1857.

So don’t be confused, Standard Bank is 100% South African, while Standard Chartered Bank is a very big London based international company.

The SmartMove HomeLoan:

Unlike most banks Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), are only selling one type of home loan in South Africa currently – the SmartMove HomeLoan.

As described by SCB, the home loan is a hassle-free homeloan which gives you easy access to your excess funds.

Here’s what you’ll get from the Smartmove HomeLoan:

• Flexibility – any extra funds you place in your mortgage can easily be accessed when you need then, also your extra savings will reduce the total interest charged on your bond.

• Annual assessments – of your property at no extra charge, together with a record of the valuation. This is a unique feature for South African home loans. The free annual valuation of your home means you’ll be able to apply for a readvance without any hassles. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that current value of your home every year.

• 110% Home Loans – the Big Four of SA Home Loans (FNB, ABSA, NEDBANK and Standard Bank) will only offer you a maximum loan of 108%.

• Lower Fees – 50% discount on your valuation fee and registration fee.

• 24Hour Assistance – SCB have really taken the challenge to the other banks when it comes to Service Quality.

With better service levels, lower interest rates, 50% discounts and 110% loans, SCB’s SmartMove homeloan product is one of the better Mortgage available in South African.

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