Lower Your Debt Today

Personal Finance Tips:

Debt Consolidation is one of the best ways to lower your total monthly expenses. With the Christmas Season well and truly upon us, we’re all about to spend a lot more than usual, and inevitably we’ll end up creating more debt for ourselves.

Your Home Loan is one of the most powerful financial tools in your possession – if used corrected you could save yourself thousands by lowering the interest you pay on your personal loans, credit cards and mortgage.

Recently some SA Home Loan Providers have launched all-in-one mortgage products which automatically consolidate all your debts into one low interest account.
The advantage of this type of home loan is that your loans and credit cards are charged at a much reduced interest level.

Since your Home Loan is usually charged at a rate slight lower than the prime or bank repo rate your monthly expenses are reduced dramatically – just because all your debts are consolidated into one LOW INTEREST account.

To find out more about these All in One accounts, complete the short form online and a consultant will contact you – this is a totally free service!

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  1. i would like to consollidate my debt with my homeloan into 1 account please assist i dont qualify for a fnb one account


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