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Fix Your Home Loan Rate to 9.1% – Act Fast!

For a limited time FNB, one of the largest SA HOME LOANS providers, are offering New and EXSISTING clients the opportunity to fix their home loan interest rate to as low as 9.10%.

Fnb announced that until December 7, 2005 it will be offering mortgage clients the opportunity to fix their rates for a period of 12 Months. After which you can choose to fix your rate for another 12 months or revert back to a variable rate.


Interest Rates are expected to increase in the near future and this deal offers clients the opportunity to escape the rate hike by fixing their home loan now and reverting back to variable rate one year later.

This offer by FNB Home Loans is valid to new mortgage clients as well as existing clients.

For more information about the FNB FIXED RATE OPTION special, complete this online form now and a consultant will contact your immediately.

Some More Details of the FNB FIXED RATE OPTION:

What is this special offer all about?

FNB Home Loans is offering you, for a limited period only, a special offer on Fixed Rates. Fix your rate for 12 months, whether you are a new or an existing customer. As an existing customer, you can apply for this offer by completing this online application form. If you are looking to move or buy and are in the process of applying for your home loan, you can also apply now. Remember that when you apply for your new bond, you must ensure that you apply for the fixed rate at the time of your application. The fixed rate will only be applied after your bond is granted and this special offer will only apply once your bond is finalised, but at these special prices.

Term What it costs to fix your rate
12 Months Your current rate plus 0.6%
18 Months Your current rate plus 0.9%
24 Months Your current rate plus 1.1%

What do you do when your fixed rate expires?

FNB HOME LOANS are committed to providing you with more choices to suit your individual needs. That is why when your fixed rate term expires, the choice is still yours. You can fix your rate again at the ruling fixed rate price at that point in time. Or, you can revert back to a variable interest rate if you like – the choice is yours.

1 thought on “FNB HOME LOANS Special”

  1. If possible, could you please tell me if i will ever be able to buy a house of my own if i am a single mother with a gross income of R4000.00 a month?


    Hi Chale,

    With regards to getting a home loan, a number of banks have recently rolled out some home loan products which are specifically designed for the lower income groups. Absa Home Loans’ MYHOMELOAN requires a minimum income of only R1500.

    If you like more information about these products or if you’d like to apply – please complete the online application form. The consultant will contact your with further assistance. Note: This is a free service.

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