Top Property Tips

Property Tips for Buyers

When Buying Property
1. Get your pre-approval:
A pre-approved Home Loan certificate can be issued within a couple if days, and once you’ve received your pre-approval you can begin your house hunting secure in the knowledge that you will not be over extending yourself on a home that is out of your budget.
Also, any offer you place will carry a tremendous amount of weight as the seller will view you as a serious buyer.

2. Know what you’re looking for:

If you know what your requirements are and the level of importance of each requirement is, you can dramatically speed up your search of the perfect home and the right price. Create a wish-list of the things you would most like in your new home and list them from most important to least importance.

3. Remember the importance of location:
In the property market, location is possibly the single most important factor. Finding the right house in the wrong area could mean you’ll be focus to move again in a few years time. Consider level of security, access to schools, public transport and the overall trend of property prices of each area.

4. Do a thorough inspection:
Once you’ve found a house that meets all your requirements. It pays to perform a thorough inspection. You may notice a few areas of the house that might new repairs or renovations which will drive up the overall costs of the house.

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