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A SUPER-LO Homeloan that rewards you for your loyalty

2008-10-29T13:55:55+02:00October 29th, 2008|Home Loan News, SA Home Loans, Types Of Home Loans|

At last, a Home Loan provider that rewards you for your loyalty. SA Home Loans’: Super-Lo Mortgage Types of Home Loans: SUPER-LO HomeLoan I have always wondered what incentives do I, as a home loan client, have to stay with my current mortgage lender. For instance, I am able to switch my home loan to a different bank and negotiate a lower interest rate on my bond at anytime. By doing this every couple of years I will greatly reduce the interest paid over the full term of the loan and shorten my monthly repayments. My Bank knows this, they know that at any time we can go to their competitors and request a better rate. Yet, they don’t