ABSA House Price Index [Apr 2012]

The value of property in South Africa have been declining since 2011, and this house price deflation has continued into March 2012, that’s according to the April ABSA House Price Index. According to ABSA’s senior property analyst, Jacques du Toit, the average prices of: Small Houses (80 – 141 sqm) Read more…

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to buy your next house

Now is the time to get into the property market, or to invest further into residential property if you already own a home. Besides being a basic need, property values are growing fast and the pace is expected to increase even further!

ABSA predicts property prices will increase by 6% in 2010

ABSA Home Loans‘ senior property analyst, Jacques du Toit, believes that your property is set to grow in value by 6% in 2010. His prediction is backed by data from the ABSA Mortgage Advances Report published on March 30, 2010. The report focuses mainly on the the size and number of home loans granted by the banks on a monthly basis.

The value of your home is growing by 6%

Property prices and property values are continuing to increase. That’s according to the FNB House Price Index for February 2010. In his report, John Loos of FNB Home Loans, highlights that the value your home has grown by 5.8% from Feb 2009 to Feb 2008. This growth rate is much better than January’s figures of 3.6% year-on-year growth. But they’re still lower than inflation, which is currently above 6%.

Average Property Prices Are Still Dropping – FNB

The latest FNB House Price Index shows that although property prices are still declining (by about 2% each month) the rate of decline is starting to slow down, and we could begin to see positive growth towards the start of 2010.