No Deposit 110% home loans return

UPDATE: ABSA HOME LOANS have extended their 110% Home Loans offer. Click Here: What are the Basic Requirements? image by warrenski Following closely after Standard Banks’ announcement to relax its lending criteria and offer bigger mortgages, ABSA bank released a statement saying that the country’s largest home loan provider is Read more…

ABSA Home Loans Shocker: who will be affected

South Africa’s largest mortgage provider, ABSA Home Loans, announced recently that it would restrict access to the extra funds available in the Bond Accounts of some of their clients.

Just less than 17% – about 130 000 – of ABSA’s home loan clients, who use the 261 flexi facility, will be affected by this decision. [read more …]

Banks tighten their Home Loan Lending Policies

Previously, new home buyers were able to secure a full mortgage bond of up to 108% (to help cover costs) from all the big banks.

As of 23rd Oct 2008, Standard Bank Home Loans division will only be granting Mortgage Loans to a maximum of 95% of the property value.

Fixed Rate Options From ABSA Home Loans

Fixed Rate Options From ABSA Home Loans In Nov 2007, when it seemed that interest rates had already peaked, ABSA home loans launched a campaign offering homeowners the chance to Fix their Home Loan Interest Rate at 11.75% – 2.25% below prime at the time. It seems the bank was Read more…

New Home Loan Lending Policy for South Africa

South African Home Loan providers have responded to the current high interest rate climate and slow property market by tightening their mortgage lending criteria. FNB and ABSA home loans have lowered their Loan-to-Value limits from 108% to a maximum of 100% []

Fix your Home Loan at below Prime Rates

Mortgage News: ABSA Home Loans – Fixed Interest Rates The question of whether homeowners should fixed their Home Loan Interest Rates is again being discussed. The general rule is that one should opt for a fixed rate if you’re expecting interest rates to increase in the near future, to Read more…