More 100% Home Loans Being Approved

While the banks have done very little to relax their overall lending criteria, there has actual been an increase in the number of 100% bonds being granted by the banks. Two of the most common questions we are asked is: How much home loan can I qualify for? and, How Read more…

ABSA extends their 110% bond offer

Six months after they reintroduced the 110% home loan, ABSA have announced that they are updating the requirements for their 110 percent bonds to include clients who earn a maximum income of R15 142 per month. The previous limit was R11000 pm.

How to secure a 100% Home Loan

Which banks are offering are currently offering full 100% bonds? The four major mortgage providers in South Africa are regularly changing their lending criteria.

No Deposit 110% home loans return

UPDATE: ABSA HOME LOANS have extended their 110% Home Loans offer. Click Here: What are the Basic Requirements? image by warrenski Following closely after Standard Banks’ announcement to relax its lending criteria and offer bigger mortgages, ABSA bank released a statement saying that the country’s largest home loan provider is Read more…

100 Percent Home Loans – how to secure one

The quick return of 100% mortgages has surprised many property finance experts. Although the return has been quick, it has also been very cautious. Banks such as ABSA, FNB and Nedbank are all offering no deposit homeloans again. The only difference is the terms and conditions regarding these bonds.

How much Home Loan do I qualify for?

The question of qualifying for a bond is one that most buyers ask. Let’s explore the factors that determine how much homeloan you’ll qualify for. 1. Your Income        3. Loan Term 2. Interest Rates     4. The Banks’ lending policy Monthly Income As you may expect your monthly income is the single most Read more…