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My name is Mrs K [name changed to preserve her privacy], I have been working with Olen Sterling in trying to secure a 100% home loan for a property I fell inlove with.

Our situation is complex, my husband is a British National and I’m a South African. We own two properties. One in the UK and a small investment flat in Johannesburg. This means that it would be no walk in the park trying to secure a 100% home loan. We are also fully invested and so have no luxury of surplus cash lying around. That’s where Olen stepped in.

“I could tell that this was a driven individual”

I found your details by doing some searches on the internet for a 100% loan, found an article on your website and decided to call in to ask someone about how I could achieve that. Luckily for me Olen was the person who responded to my call. From the minute I started speaking to her I could tell that this was a driven individual. Even when I tried to brush her off she was steady in her course to get us as clients.

Initially we had already corresponded to another agent from another mortgage broking firm. Though the gentleman was pleasant (unlike the very rude experience I’d received from an ooba agent who practically hung up the phone on me, as if I was insulting her about asking about a possibility of a 100% loan). Like I said, though the gentleman was pleasant he certainly wasn’t as driven as Olen.

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“She kept me on the phone for about 15minutes”

I had almost written Olen off infact, we’d sent our details to this other agent and were awaiting his response and I communicated as much to Olen thinking she would just thank me and hang up. Nowhere near. She kept me on the phone for about 15minutes or so trying to convince me that she was the best person to work on this loan for us (mind you she hadn’t even seen our incomes or credit history yet!).

I told her my husband had made the decision to go with the other consultant as our estate agent had recommended him. Olen suggested that she speak to my husband herself. I relented and gave her my husband’s number (did I mention I was running late for an important meeting). In any case in about five minutes later my husband called me back to tell me he was convinced we should re-send our details to Olen and tell the other agent that it was a no go. It was much easier saying no to the other guy than trying to get Olen off our tail.

“Then the real work started..”

Then the real work started, first Nedbank came back with a 90% loan and still Olen didn’t want to give up. She wanted to motivate to get us the 100%. I was ready to give up at this stage honestly. Another couple of days and as I understand from her trying to convince Nedbank that we were existing clients of theirs. Back and forth this went until they relented (did I tell you the woman is relentless) and agreed to a 95% and they would cover the shortfall by making a personal loan in my name. It’s the best offer on the table and one that means we can have a home to live in and not continue to rent at inflated corporate rates we are currently renting at.

“…impressed at the level of service…”

I hope this note gives you a picture of what the process has been like with us working with Olen. She has fought at every turn and really regardless of how this journey would have ended I would have remained impressed at the level of service she has brought to us. She really is giving you guys a great reputation because you can guarantee that I’m going to pass her number to anyone I hear is looking to buy a new house.

Really I can’t say enough good things about Olen, I just hope that you appreciate her as much as we have working with her for this short period of time.

Mrs K

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