There’s an army of Wealth Creators waiting in your Homeloan Barracks

Every Rand that you are able to invest into your Home Loan is like a small soldier / builder that is just waiting to begin earning you more money.
If every Rand you invest is like your personal employee [who specialises in making more money] you should have thousands of ’employees’ waiting in your Homeloan – looking for work. Now for once you’re able to reverse the roles, and begin to make your HomeLoan work for you!

Home Finance – Bond Originators even more indispensable

Home Finance News and Tips: The implementation of the National Credit Act (NCA) in July this year has forced banks to check the overall credit exposure of their applicants before granting home finance. Under the NCA, applicants need to prove that they are able to afford the monthly bond repayments and banks are obligated to perform full credit checks on each applicant – this process has made Bond Originators even more indispensable. Barak Geffen, Executive Director of Sotheby’s says: “Many …

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