No Deposit Home Loans

Mortgage News: 100% home loans Updated October 09: Note this information has been updated to reflect the homeloan options currently available in South Africa. FOR MORE information about the latest home loan lending policies click here Finding the money to pay a deposit has been a major hurdle for many first time buyers. An average property in South Africa may cost between R500 000 and R700 000. For most the challenge of saving up 5% or 10% of the purchase …

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Homeowners are looking for Home Loans online

The Internet is an amazing information resource and South Africans looking for home loans are finding that the internet offers them the opportunity to shop around for the best mortgage without having to leave their desks. Industry specialists believe that the internet is set to become one of the biggest influences on Home Loans in South Africa. Saul Geffen, MD of MortgageSA, explains that the internet is the fastest growing home loan distribution channel. His mortgage origination company currently submits …

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SA Home Loans VariFix

VariFix, the new 20-year fixed rate home loan

VariFix is SA Home Loans’ (SAHL) innovative 20 year fixed rate mortgage product. VariFix allows new and existing home owner the opportunity to fix part or the full mortgage for a maximum term of 20 years.

SA Home loans VarixFix

SAHL are the only mortgage providers in South Africa to offer 20 year fixed rates. The benefits of VariFix is that you can choose to fix your home loan rate now to protect it from future interest rate hikes while still benefiting from any possible rate decreases.

At first appearances it may seem is if you’re getting the benefit of both worlds – protection from further rate hikes and benefiting if rates decrease – but economists point out that unless you’re expecting a major interest rate hike in the near future, this is not a wise option.

Finance Expert’s Warning:
Speaking to Person Finance in Aug 2005 financial Planner, Greg Sneddon explained that if SAHL is prepared to offer a 20-year fixed rate, they are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.

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Finding the best Home Loan for first-time buyers

An easy to understand guide to Home Loan products designed for first-time buyers from FNB, ABSA, Nedbank and Standard Bank.

Most of people dream of owning their own properties but when it comes to finding finance for that first house they’re often overwhelmed by jargon and confused by the various options.

Shopping around for a home loan can be a tedious task especially if you’re unsure of whether you’ll be able to qualify for a mortgage.

Lets compare Absa, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Home Loans…


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Reduce you bond repayments with FNB Maternity Choice

FNB HOME LOANS: Maternity Choice

FNB homeloans maternity choiceThe FNB Maternity Choice product is designed specifically to ease your financial pressure by assisting you with your home loan repayments while on maternity leave. Choose what you can afford. Only a minimum repayment of 60% of your normal monthly installment is required. Your reduced bond repayments are valid for 3 months.

Maternity Choice is a unique home loan product that helps you cope during maternity leave. The option is only available to individual or joint bond holders who have a bond for at least 9 months old and reflect a clear repayment record.

What’s in it for you?

– Reduce your repayments* while on maternity leave
– The reduced payment will last for 3 months
– Pay back the difference between normal and reduced repayments over up to 3 years
*Minimum amount of 60% of the normal monthly home loan payment.

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Don’t Fix your Home Loan Rate

Essential Mortgage Tips: Variable Bond Rates are still the cheaper option – Dont fix your home loan rate yet! Many Banks are offering you the opportunity to fix your homeloan rate following the recent hike in interest rates, but despite this and the forecast of further interest rate hikes later this year it is still unwise to fix your rate now. A fix rate offers you peace of mind, but you’ll end up paying more every month for that assurance. …

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