How can I get into the Property Market ?

Home Loan and Property Tips With interest rates up and affordability dropping it may seem like the wrong time to begin climbing the property ladder. But, with a bit of know-how and resolve you’ll find that it’s not as difficult as you might think. Rising Inflation and interest rates have Read more…

FNB HOME LOANS property report

FNB Home Loans | Property News
Lower Priced Properties sell faster and closer to their asking prices

FNB Home loans released their Residential Property Confidence Indicator for the 4th quarter of 2007. In his report, Jan Kleynhans, chief executive officer at FNB Home Loans, further illustrated the current slowdown in market activity.

Rising interest rates, the implementation of the National Credit Act 8 months ago and inflationary pressures have shown to be the three major factors that continue to place pressure on the property market.

Home Finance – Bond Originators even more indispensable

Home Finance News and Tips: The implementation of the National Credit Act (NCA) in July this year has forced banks to check the overall credit exposure of their applicants before granting home finance. Under the NCA, applicants need to prove that they are able to afford the monthly bond repayments Read more…

Believe that you are able to own that property

Property and SA Homeloan tips: Owning property in South Africa is not as difficult as most would believe. All it takes is some determination, and the will to align yourself with what is required of you to secure the

Get a Home Loan and Own that new property

You may be wondering whether you are able to qualify for a home loan large enough to cover the purchase price of that new house. Although the National Credit Act (NCA) has cast even more doubts in our minds about how much we can qualify for, this has historically been Read more…

Company News:

A good understanding for the NCA is helping our clients secure their bond approvals While most of the Banks and other originators are experiencing a dramatic increase in Declined Bond applications since the implementation of the New Credit Act, is actually experiencing an increase in Bond Approvals. We attribute Read more…