Rates Are Unchanged, But You Can Still Lower Your Expenses

The South African Reserve Bank announced on Tuesday 22, September 2009 that interest rates will remain unchanged for the next few months, until the Monetary Policy Committee meets again later this year. If you are looking to buy a property soon, you may not find a better time than the present.

Interest Rates cut to 11%

Home Loan Interest Rate News: Interest Rates cut to 11% The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) governor, Tito Mboweni, today announced a 1% drop in the repo rate from 8.5% to 7.5%. This is the fifth successive rate cut since Jun 08. The prime interest rate now drops to 11%. Read more…

Rates are down, but mortgage defaults keep rising. Why?

We have turned back the clock on interest rates in South Africa. The last time rates were this low was October 2006, yet the number of stressed mortgage bond holders continues to rise. Auction Alliance, SA’s largest auction house, defines a stressed homeowner as someone who is at least two Read more…

Why Are House Prices Falling?

Property Finance News: Falling house prices are usually a sign that the supply of homes for sale has exceeded demand. In other words, the number of homeowners looking to sell their properties exceeds the number of buyers in the market. The unique thing about the current condition of the South Read more…

Now is a near perfect time to buy property

When it comes to investing, the basic rule to making a profit is to Buy-Low and Sell-high. If you were to apply this theory to property, you would be looking to purchase some real bargains right now and sell after at least 3 to 5 years. Early predictions are that property values could shoot up by 50% by 2011. [read more …]

‘Insure’ your rate so it can’t go up – but can still go down.

InterCap: Capped Interest Rate Bonds from Integer Home Loans

Integer Home Loans is South Africa’s latest mortgage leader, the company launched in October 2007 and is rapidly growing its client basis.

The company recently launched a very interesting home loan product called, Intercap.
Intercap allows homeowners to cap the interest rate on your bond at the current prime rate while also allowing them to benefit if interest rates drop.